An app that allows you to easily create treasure hunts, either in your own area, or anywhere in the world. You can then share the treasure hunt with your friends and family, or make it public for everyone to enjoy!


The app lets you easily build a treasure hunt made up of clues to locations of your choice. This can be done at home on your computer or out-and-about on your phone.

A computer screen showing markers on a map


Once you've finished building your treasure hunt you can share it privately with friends anywhere in the world via a simple link. You can also choose to make it public for anyone to play!

A clue is displayed on a phone


All you need to play is a smart phone with GPS. Follow the clues to the locations and the app will tell you if you've found the right place.

A woman jumps for joy on a hilltop

Technical details

The app has two main parts: the front-end React-JS app, and the headless back-end running WordPress. The React app is a progressive-web-app using CRA for tooling and Semantic UI. Open Street Map is used to provide mapping. All treasure hunts, users, and pages are securely saved in WordPress using the REST API.

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