I love combining technology and creativity

I tell stories, make websites, and am passionate about bringing web technologies into the real world.


I'm passionate about writing, story telling, and using technology in creative and engaging ways. I relish combining these skills to create powerful immersive experiences both online and in the real world. My current favorites are treasure hunts and escape rooms

And if you are interested in formal qualification, I have a degree in Digital Screen Arts from The University College of the Creative Arts.


For most of my website projects I use WordPress or Drupal, but I'm also keen to promote the expansion of web technologies beyond the web, like with Ever After where I created an interactive exhibition running on a series of web pages.

Like acronyms and buzz-words? Here's a list of the main technologies and tools I use:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • React
  • Vue (with NUXT)
  • CSS with SASS/LESS
  • Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
  • Gimp/Inkscape
  • CLI video editing using FFMPEG and MLT/MELD
  • LAMP stack administration
  • AWS (S3, RDS, Cloudfront)
  • Cloudflare (including Workers/Pages)
  • General DNS

To see examples of my work please have a look at my portfolio, or if you'd like more information please get in contact.