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Excluded young people know what they need and what they want. Why don't we work together to create projects and services that use everyone's skills and expertises?

To help share awareness of what co-production means in the sector, MacUK created a series of short animated videos based on interviews with young people.

The site presents several areas of co-production. Clicking on one expands it to show thumbnails for videos on that topic. The video can be played by clicking the thumbnail.

I designed the site based on existing brand guidelines for MacUK, and incorporated some animated transitions to compliment the animation style of the videos.

All video content © Mac-UK 2018

Technical details

The site is a static HTML page based on Zurb Foundation.

The page loads a JSON config file which contains the "topics" each of which includes a title and a list of YoutTube IDs for each video. The page then populates each topic with the corresponding thumbnails. The YouTube API is used to display the video in a pop-up and listen for the video finish event to play the next video under that topic.

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