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Science|Business exists to bring together three worlds which should work together but too often stumble apart: industry, research and policy.

Science|Business is a European news and media organisation, counting Google, Microsoft, CERN and several European top universities amongst its members. It publishes about a dozen articles a week, sells reports, and hosts events.

I worked with Science|Business to create a new website that was modern, clean, and professional, with a strong emphasis on the user experience. This included restructuring site navigation and content taxonomies to improve access by users and editors.

ScienceBusiness.net is a responsive Drupal 8 Website

Technical details

The site is built on Drupal 8, with a custom theme based on Zurb Foundation.

Reports are sold via WebForm, using cURL to validate VAT numbers against the VIES database, and using the Stripe API for processing payments.

I wrote a custom import script to manage the import of the 8,500+ articles and associated files from the old website.

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Other work