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Science²: The Taste Tests


Science2: Mind blowing science, from the European Research Council

The aim of the Science Squared website is to highlight European Research Council-funded science research on various topics, such as food and diet, through fun and interactive articles.

Taste Tests is the first page I designed for them. It presents the findings of several research projects, from across Europe, on the science of food and diet.

Making the most of modern browser technology, the page features custom animations and interactive elements to compliment the structure of the article.

I created custom functionality for the the site to allow the easy creation of articles, which were made up of sections and blocks.

The content, functionality, and styling of each block are fully customisable, such as this quiz, or the 'food wheel' below.

A menu at the top of the screen contains links to each section of the article, so you can easily navigate to any section you want. Each section has social media icons, for readers to share a link to specific sections of the article.

The site is fully responsive, allowing people to read and interact with articles on smart phones, tablets, and computers.

I have since created pages for the four other articles in the series:

Technical details

The site was an existing Drupal 7 setup, for which I created a custom module to allow nested nodes (using various templates, such as heading sections, multi-column galleries, or HTML) which could have custom JavaScript or CSS attached.

To accommodate the large number of videos on a page (mainly from YouTube) I created a lazy-loader which only begins loading the embedded iFrames once someone scrolls close to the video. This significantly reduced the initial page-load time.

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