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Make Your Own Garments


A clothing website that allows customers to create their own transfer designs by combining uploaded images, library images, and their own text.

  • E-commerce site
  • Full order processing/tracking system
  • Editor to allow customers to design their own transfers (see below)

The Editor

The editor is a custom built plugin for the site which allows customers to combine text and images to create their own transfer designs, which are then saved with their order, where they can then be printed and dispatched.

  • All images in the design can be moved or rotated
  • All images are represented in the layers panel so they can be moved in-front/behind one another
  • Layers can have their transparency changed and be given a shadow
  • "Our Images" lets the customer add pre-selected graphics to their design
  • "Upload Images" allows the customer to upload their own images which they can then add to their design
  • Text can then be added in a variety of fonts, colours and sizes, this can then be positioned or edited
  • Once the customer is happy with their design it can be saved and is added to their order

Why not have a play with the editor and design your own transfer?

T-Shirt Designer

Following on from the success of the original site, a new t-shirt designer was commissioned to allow customers to create their own t-shirts. The printing method for this new process was vector based, so the new tool only allowed text input but was completely re-designed to make it as simple and fast as possible for customers to create their own t-shirt designs.

Have a look and create your own t-shirt.

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