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Falling Starr Wrestling


Falling Starr Wrestling is one of Britains premier professional wrestling companies promoting shows and running a wrestling training academy to growing acclaim.

I worked closely with the client to create a look that matched the brand image they wanted. The design of the site is based on their existing logo and expanded around the concepts of industrial and grunge.

The site is fully responsive so it's clear and functional on any display device to help reach an ever larger audience.

The company already uses Facebook to promote and advertise their events, so to streamline updates the following is pulled live from the Facebook feed:

  • Events - these have their own page and are featured at the top of sidebar on all other pages
  • Videos - the three most recent videos are displayed at the top of the media page, with a link to Facebook to view the rest
  • Pictures - any Facebook gallery can easily be selected and is then automatically added to the bottom of the media page

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